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Located in a convenient and accessible setting off Baohe Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Genzon Golf Club is a high-end members-only leisure and business facility comprising two 18-hole championship golf courses and a 5-star clubhouse of more than 10,000㎡. It is easily accessed by major highways including Shuiguan Highway and Jihe Highway and is a mere 30 minutes drive from the Luohu, Futian and Nanshan districts of Shenzhen.

The golf courses were designed by Neil Haworth, a world-renowned architect from Canada, with an emphasis on preserving the site’s natural surroundings and vegetation, which combine lakes, mountains and plains, to create a spectacular course setting.

With an area of 2.5 million , the golf club is perfectly placed between lakes, hills and dense forests. Course A is built around the 700 acre Dragon Lake and totals 7,145 yards in length. Course B is set against a mountainous backdrop, giving way to undulating fairways offering a total length of 7,218 yards. The internationally certified Platinum TE Paspalum grass, with its fine leaf texture, ensuring that the courses are enjoyable to play while equally challenging.

The south-east Asian style clubhouse is both magnificent and spacious with facilities including restaurants, ballroom, golf pro-shop,locker room, VIP reception rooms, muti-purpose conference room and private business rooms.the clubhouse is set aside the lake with the central axis perpendicular to the lake with two wings either side. The lobby, restaurant and ballroom each have a 270 degree view of the picturesque lake and golf courses.

Genzon Golf Club operates on a members only basis. With total membership limited to 1,800 people, the leisure facility ensures that members and their guests are able to enjoy the lifestyle and business benefits of club membership in a truly private setting. With tailor made customer service and hospitality, members will be sure to enjoy the guest experience with every visit.

Since its reopening in 2008, Genzon Golf Club has always persisted in improving course quality and member services. From 2015 to 2017, Shenzhen International, the European Tour first-level events, have been hosted successfully; the 20th and 25ThVolvo China Open were undertaken in Genzon Golf Club too. In the future, Volvo China Open 2020-2022 settled in Genzon Golf Club for three consecutive years. These not only promoted a more powerful improvement in the quality of the club’s hardware and service, but also won the club the “China Top Ten Golf Clubs”, “Top Ten Golf Clubs” by China Top 100 Courses, and was awarded the “Special Contribution Prize” by the China Golf Association.

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